About Us

Meyhane in Turkey can be explained as  an izakaya in Japanese, a tavern in English: a place that serves drinks such as beer, wine and in Turkey, the famous rakı. It also offers a variety of food from traditional Turkish dishes to modern Tapas-style dishes.

The owner Mehmet Ozeri, who opened Meyhane Ozeri back in April 2011 in Nakano, Tokyo, is from western coastal city of Izmir, Turkey, which is Turkey’s third largest city facing the Aegean Sea.
Once known as Edirne, it has a long history in the region, and also famous for the World Heritage sites such as Ephesus.
For Turks, Izmir is one of the culture-rich cities, but unique in a way with liberal mind and more European atmosphere.

The land that has rich soil and plentiful water offers various aromatic herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Not to mention, Aegean Sea offers beautiful seafoods all year round.

Mayhaneo Özeri also offers hearty home cooking from the Izmir region, as well as juicy kebab dishes, with rare Turkish wines and rakı.